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Just Because I Didn't Say

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If You Ever Need Me (You Know Where To Find Me)

About me
I'm Morgan. I am a scientist, a veterinary student, and a fantasy writer. From time to time I also dabble in digital art and baking. There are a few other things you should know about me - I am a: movie fanatic | tv addict | fanfiction writer | hardcore shipper | voracious reader | procrastinator extraordinaire | unapologetic fangirl | coffee lover | Midwesterner | shameless Bucky Barnes apologist | White Collar addict. Also, the queen of angst.
Fandoms/Things I Love
Arrow; Castle; Chris Evans; Chicagoland Vampires; Disney; Dragonriders of Pern; The Dresden Files; Doctor Who; Harry Potter; Hawaii Five-0; The Iron Druid Chronicles; iZombie; Jeremy Renner; Kate Daniels; Legends of Tomorrow; The Lord of the Rings; Marvel Cinematic Universe; Mercy Thompson; Merlin; The Night Angel Trilogy; Once Upon A Time; Outlander; Pokémon; Reign; Robin Hood BBC; Sherlock; Star Trek; Star Wars; Teen Wolf; The Flash; The Unusuals; White Collar; X-Men
Where you can find me

I mostly lurk. My journal, theladymorgan, is sporadically updated, but I'm online more than it will tell you. I selectively friend people that I've spoken to before, so comment before adding me, please. My graphics journal can be found at thewayofshadows. I also mod with the lovely ladies at merlinstills,iimpossibletask, color_inspired, and I am the Team Hearts mod at gameofcards. If you want to find me elsewhere, there are links below.

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